Adventure Race Training


PEAK HIGH Mountaineering offers a 1 or 2 day training course in Adventure Racing. Certificates of attendance are issued.

1 Day Course – Three aspects are covered in this course.  These are ascending the rope (prussicing and jumaring), abseiling (rappelling) and Tyrolean Traverses. All three disciplines are commonly held in Adventure Races and require prior technical experience of participants. The course is primarily devoted to showing how to clip onto and work with ropes that have already been put in place by the organizers. The basics of how to set up a rope for abseiling or ascending are also shown.

Participants will learn how to clip in and out of rope systems with skill and confidence, increasing their safety and speed in races.



Agrabies Traverse


2 Day Course
Navigation.  This course incorporates the first day’s skills and also navigation skills needed for Adventure Races. Finding the way in a race is one of the most important skills and takes skill, experience and logic. The course shows how to read maps in practical, logical terms in combination with and without a compass. Most navigation problems can be overcome by following certain tried and tested methods resulting in fast and easy route finding.






Abseiling: This is usually the best and fastest method of getting down steep or vertical terrain. Harnesses are used in conjunction with a main abseil rope and an independent safety rope.

Prussicing and Jumaring: These are techniques of ascending a fixed rope up steep or vertical ground.  Prussicing is the basic technique and is usually a slow and awkward way of ascending. It requires the use of two, short loops of rope which are slid up the fixed line.   Jumaring is basically the same as prussicing, but instead of loops of rope, mechanical clamps are used to slide up the rope.

Tyrolean Traverses: This is when a rope is fixed horizontally over a valley or canyon.  Participants then connect to the rope and pull themselves across.

Read about the Instructor, Gavin Raubenheimer and setting the record for the Drakensberg Grand Traverse.

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Gavin Raubenheimer

Gavin is the owner & operator of Peak High Mountaineering. He is a certified Mountaineering Instructor (M.I.A.) endorsed by the Mountain Development Trust of SA. He is a NQF National Mountaineering (level 7), Cultural and Nature Guide (level 4). Gavin is a past President of the KwaZulu-Natal Section of the Mountain Club of SA. He has been involved in mountain rescue since 1992 and since 2005 has been the Convener of Mountain Rescue in the province. Want Gavin and his team at Peak High to guide you on a hike? Put yourself in the hands of the certified and experienced experts in mountain hiking, guiding and climbing. See Gavin's Google + profile